About Us


Cyberspace has been filled with gossip blogs that discuss only individuals mostly celebrities around the world. In Nigeria especially, gossip is the second name for blog while bloggers are referred to as gossipers. brandwetalk.com  considered the norm no proper thus arrives at a blog that count it less important to  gossip human entities; rather discuss ideas, brands of all kind as it affect Nigeria people home and aboard.



A contemporary blog for brand which offers unmatched analysis for brand experiences in Nigeria.


To be the premier choice in brands and issues analysis in Nigeria and beyond.


A brand exists entirely in someone’s mind. Therefore, whatever every Nigerian thinks is what it is.


It is imperative that brandwetalk.com,  and any of its social media with contact email address brandwetalk@gmail.com, align to a cohesive and central strategy that will bring a core thought and ‘purpose’ to the full business while refreshing the positioning and brand presence that links to Nigeria brand and to every Nigerian.