X-pression Weavon: Know How to express your beauty in 2019


The hair of a woman is the crown of her beauty. There is no human who does not appreciate beautiful and gorgeous hair. That’s why a woman, most times, would go to any length to make her hair, beautiful and super stylish. Especially, with the use of attachments, wool, weavons, and many more.

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It is from this fact that many hair production industries, sprang up. A popular hair brand among African women is X-pression weavon.

X-pression weavon, being a popular and reliable product among African women, gained prominence. This hair product which is focused on producing high-quality hair attachments has really proved to be worth it. Since their birth in 1997, it seems the market grow wider, as the satisfaction of their female customers, increases.

This X-pression brand has brought to every woman, a variety of choices; just enough to satisfy different stylish tastes of women. Ranging from braids to weavon, from wavy to curls, from razor cuts to fringes, from straight to bounce and so many more.

As for braids, there are also different styles targeted, just to make a woman, beautiful.

Different types of braid

  1. Ultra braid X-pression weavon
  2. Erato X-pression weavon
  3. Ceres X-pression weavon
  4. Curly X-pression weavon
  5. Kingky X-pression weavon
  6. Juno X-pression weavon
  7. Luna X-pression weavon
  8. Nike X-pression weavon
  9. Super braid X-pression weavon
  10. Lagos braid X-pression weavon
  11. Naomi Biggie X-pression weavon
  12. Naomi Double X-pression weavon
  13. Tike X-pression weavon
  14. 14.Rich braid X-pression weavon, and so many more.

Now, it depends on the lady or woman, who loves braid, to choose that which suits her.

Most women, who don’t like the idea of braids, usually go for wigs and weavons. And X-pression weavon, has gotten that done.

Different types of X-pression weavo

  1. Active X-pression weavon
  2. Daniela X-pression weavon
  3. Appeal X-pression weavon
  4. Annie curl X-pression weavon
  5. Forever X-pression weavon
  6. Cha-cha X-pression weavon
  7. Generous X-pression weavon
  8. Ring Bob X-pression weavon
  9. Ruby X-pression weavon and many others.

When a lady or woman, selects any of these attachments or weavon, it totally depends on her personality and lifestyle. A woman who was brought up in the urban area would choose a hairstyle which is virtually different from one, who was brought up in the rural area.

Apart from these, one’s work could determine the type of attachments, wig or weavon to be bought in order to make certain hairstyles that suits them and their job.

Face type also determines the kind of attachment and hairstyles to be done. For example, Ring Bob will fit a lady or woman with a round or oval face.

Hair type too is another determinant. A lady or woman with full hair has to buy a big attachment, to carry her full hair.

There are so many factors that could determine a woman’s hairstyle. Including events and ceremonies, which are essential parts of our African lifestyles.

X-pression weavon, an exceptional brand, fully understands this concept. And has provided wide varieties of hair products to women, especially, African women.

There are just enough made to meet the taste of your hairstyles and just the type of hair that will automatically make a woman look beautiful and gorgeous.

Little wonder, a beauty queen said; “Life is too short not to express your beauty. “Why not do so with X-pression?


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