Close-Up: Keeping Nigerian Toothbrushes Company for Half a Century

close up

There are many household brands that when the name is mentioned, people do not need to think twice to recollect what brand is mentioned. Close-Up gel toothpaste is one of such brands. The Close-Up brand was introduced in 1967 by Unilever. It was introduced as the first gel toothpaste. It is also marketed worldwide by the same company that introduced it.

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Among Nigerians, it has become a staple product that many households reckon with. The toothpaste brand has managed to stay relevant in the Nigerian market amongst emerging competitors and rivals thanks to their ever-evolving and innovative variants of the toothpaste brand. Common among Nigerians is the regular red gel variant tagged Deep Action which is sold at different sizes and prices. There is the sachet variant which is manufactured to be used a few times by a single individual while there is the standard tube size which is to be used more frequently as it has way more quantity.

Later on, they introduced the Herbal Fresh Breath variant which combined various herbs in the gel for better tooth care and fresh breath. It is marketed in Nigeria as Naija Herbal and the name has warmed its way up into the hearts of Nigerians. This variant comes with a green gel, drifting away from the original red gel, giving the gel a herbal look too! How creative! A key feature in this variant is the blending of Aloe Vera herb with the refreshing scent of mint and lemon.

Aside from the fact that Unilever Nigeria Plc has always satisfied their customers with innovative variants of their brands, they have also been able to win the hearts of people with ever affordable prices of the toothpaste. Ever since its emergence in the Nigerian market, the Close-Up toothpaste has been and has stayed affordable to the average Nigerian.

In addition to affordable prices, adverts, I mean nice and fun to watch adverts have ensured that Close-Up toothpaste stays a household name among Nigerians. A common feature in these adverts is the super whitening effect that the toothpaste has on the teeth.

Unilever Nigeria Plc has managed to stay on top of its toes as well as its game with the Close-Up brand as Nigerians do not seem to be tired of the toothpaste brand. We don’t know what next they have in store for the Nigerian market and the average Nigerian family but if their past records are anything to go by, then we can be sure they won’t be disappointed.


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