Different Food Seasoning Brands in Nigeria

food seasoning brands

Before the advent of seasoning cubes in Nigeria, women made use of local seasonings such as locust beans, onion, and even scent leaves to give a nice aroma to their food and also to prepare tasty meals.

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Not only does food seasoning gives a nice aroma to food, but the majority of them also comes with nutritional benefits that can help to keep the body sound. Over the years, the modern brand of food seasonings has entered into the Nigerian market and almost every kitchen you get to has one or more of these seasoning cubes.


As we all have different taste, there are varieties of food seasoning cubes produced by different brands to suit consumers taste. Varieties of food seasoning brands include; Star Maggi, Knorr, Royco, Onga, Doyin cube, Mamador seasoning cubes and lots more!


However, the numerous brands of food seasoning cubes have always left the competition in the food seasoning market. Which is better than the other? What brand is mostly preferred by consumers?


Despite the availability of different food seasoning brands in the Nigerian market, the main competition has always been between Star Maggi cube and the Knorr seasoning cube.


Before the advent of Knorr cube, Star Maggi cube from Nestle foods has been the leading food seasoning cube in every Nigerian woman’s kitchen. The star Maggi cube comes in three flavors namely; Maggi Chicken, Maggi Onion and Maggi Shrimp.


Maggi Chicken can be used for seasoning of stew, meat, food like porridge and rice to give a very delicious taste. While Maggi Shrimp is preferable for seasoning sea foods. Maggi Onion gives your food an aroma that will leave you salivating.


Starr Maggi gained the heart of many families through their advertisement, bill boards, and even TV shows. Maggi has become so popular in Nigeria such that other seasoning cubes are referred to as Maggi. You hear people saying; ‘ I want to buy Knorr Maggi’.


Knorr cube, on the other hand, was bought by Unilever Nigeria and has remained the largest selling seasoning cubes to over 70 countries. It is known for its excellent taste and has become the biggest competitor with the Maggi Brand.


The Knorr seasoning cube comes in different flavors as well. The Knorr Chicken, Knorr beef and Knorr classic. From polls conducted on social media, Knorr has been the leading brand as it is preferred over Maggi by most consumers. Reason being that, a lot of consumers complain that Maggi is too salty but Knorr has the perfect taste.


Onga being the leading brand in powered seasoning has also ventured into production of seasoning cubes and is faring well in the market. It has recently been on high demand by consumers because of its delicious taste and a mouthwatering aroma. As it goes, Onga might just be part of one of the leading brands in the seasoning market.

Other brands such as Devon and  Mamador seasoning cubes are rising and doing well in the seasoning market too. And if care is not taken, they can overtake the leading brands in the seasoning market.



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