Detergents: Prices, Types and Uses in Nigeria


Detergent is a widely used product in Nigeria and it is used by everyone. New detergents hit the market almost every year and the variety is a reason why sticking to one detergent is difficult.

Using a variety of detergent is not bad just as long as you use the right detergent for your type of clothing.

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Many people have a preferred detergent they buy. Many prefer SoKlin, Many prefer GoodMama, Many prefer Ariel and others, but if we choose to look at the issue vividly, we will be able to point out that choosing a detergent all depends on our choices. The price of the detergent, the type of clothes we want to wash, the reputation the detergent has among people(whether many people thinks it washes cloth well or not)  etc.


Before we move on. I will like us to list out the common detergents in Nigeria.


  1. Omo
  2. Miss Bimbo
  3. Klin
  4. Ariel
  5. Waw
  6. Good Mama
  7. Sunlight
  8. Magik
  9. Zip
  10. Canoe
  11. Rana
  12. Tempo
  13. Virony
  14. Anchor
  15. Nittol
  16. Good Mama
  17. Jumbo
  18. My-My



As many as the detergents mentioned above is, they are not all used on the same type of clothing. Some are best used to wash white clothes while some are used to wash colored clothes.


A complain a typical Nigerian will give sometimes is the issue of colour fading in clothes. Some detergents has a very high bleaching power that it could fade away the colour in your clothes after using it to wash your clothes for number of times.

While some detergents are just very okay for washing coloured clothes.


I have discovered that most detergents that removes stains effectively on a white cloth has a high bleaching power and it will make a coloured clothes loose its colors.


In order to be able to use the right soap for the right clothes. We need to know the difference between bleaching detergents and non bleaching detergents.


  1. Bleaching detergents:

Some detergents are multipurpose; it contains a bleach alternative to make it more powerful to remove tough stains from clothes. Bleach softens the fibres of the clothes faster and that makes it harder on fibres as it whitens, brightens and sanitizes the clothes.


Bleach detergents should be used on white clothes only, to avoid loss of color on coloured clothes.


Examples of bleaching detergents are;

  1. Klin: Klin has been one of the best detergents for washing white clothes. It has been commended by many people for its effectiveness in removing tough stains on white clothes. Klin has a quick fade effect on coloured clothes especially if the clothes were dried in a harsh sun.


  1. Ariel is also another type of bleaching detergents.


  1. Nittol: This is also one of the bleaching detergents. Nittol has a low popularity among people, probably because it has not be long it showed itself in the market and we all love to use what we are familiar with.
  2. Zip: This is also another example of bleaching detergents.
  3. Omo: This is one of the long existing detergents in Nigeria. It has been doing a great job in “keeping white clothes free from stains and maintaining the color of the colored clothes” as claimed on their website, but many people believes it still bleaches coloured clothes in a minimal level.
  4. Sunlight.


  1. Non-bleaching detergent: These are normal detergents that does not bleach coloured clothes. This type of detergent are softer on the fabrics and they help maintain the color of a cloth.


Examples of Non-bleaching agents are;

  1. Miss Bimbo
  2. WAW
  3. Goodmama
  4. Rana
  5. Magik
  6. Canoe
  7. Tempo
  8. Jumbo
  9. MyMy
  10. Anchor


Those are the popular Non-bleaching detergents that people still buy well, except Miss Bimbo which is getting less popular day by day.





Next time you want to buy a detergent make sure you buy the one that is suitable for the type of cloth you want to wash.


A Non-bleaching detergent will obviously not give you a better result on a stained white shirt.

While a bleaching detergent will make your clothes loose color.


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