Cosmetics: The Balance between Natural and Synthetic


Not too many things come close to giving a woman confidence as feeling beautiful. Knowing that her hair looks perfect, her face is glowing and completely rid of spots and her outfits stunning. And quite frankly, ladies put a lot of effort – and money – into feeling like every day. From beauty scrubs to body mists, wigs or weaves and layers upon layers of makeup, the cosmetic industry is making the most profit from the female market. But what exactly makes cosmetics so important to women?


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Cosmetics involve everything relating to beauty. Kin treatment, facial makeup, hair styling, perfume and deodorants and such and such. And because of the rise of the internet and social media in this 21st century, an image has already been created as to how beauty looks like. These cosmetics help the modern woman to fulfill these requirements to be regarded as beautiful. But lately, criticisms have come up regarding the use of these cosmetics and generally concerning the picture the world has painted about beauty.

In the olden days, ladies did not have access to modern cosmetics. Instead of foundation they had coconut oil and instead of lipstick they had lead. And although we can look at the pictures and laugh, they actually felt pretty. Truly, the cosmetics industry is evolving continuously and nowadays it is interestingly moving from synthetic to natural over again.

For instance, it is not uncommon to find that a lady with a face covered in zits and acne will put on makeup and have skin looking as smooth as a baby’s. It was also not uncommon to see a black lady with curly and coarse hair straightening it out completely. Then focus was placed on covering up rather than treating the natural features. It was not immediately realized that these cosmetics did not favour some people. Ladies with naturally oily skin ended up with more pimples on their faces and ladies with natural curly hair lost a lot of it due to breakage from too much straightening. It was not that these women enjoyed these mishaps but they had to continue with the product because they had to follow with the society’s standard of beauty.

As the culture is growing and placing more attention on their natural feature, the cosmetic industry is moving with it and it has brought on glow oils and scrubs, skin medications, hair protecting oils and the likes. We are successfully moving from synthetic to natural. Unfortunately, these natural products are often so expensive that the average woman is forced to either settle for synthetic or sometimes fall for fake products which is a lot more harmful for the body.

Now whether a woman chooses to continue covering up with products or chooses to go completely natural or chooses to use cosmetics that a both natural and synthetic society cannot decide, after all beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. However, it is good to know that the cosmetic industry has whatever you need to look and feel beautiful. But there is a price to be paid, the woman decides whether she wants to reap now and pay in the long run or pay now and reap in the long run. And so comparison should not be made between Mary Kay and classic or Noble and Corrosion to find out what is best for you. The better comparison is between natural or synthetic.


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