Always Sanitary Pad: Women Confidence Comes with Knowledge

always sanitary pad

Over the years, sanitary pad or Napkins have been the most widely used for menstrual management. The menstrual pad or napkins have been in history since the 10th century but the disposable, now in place, are easy to use, though synthetic in contrast to the rags, cotton and sheep’s wool used of old to stem the flow of menstrual blood.

Always sanitary pad , a brand of female hygiene products produced by Procter and Gamble, was first introduced in the United States in 1983, for a test and then nationally in 1984.Always  includes the ultra-thin napkins, panties liners, maxi napkins and wipes.


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always sanitary pad Products with the brand name Always are:

  1. Ultra Thins
  2. Maxis
  3. Always Fresh Scented Napkins
  4. Panty liners
  5. Always Infinity
  6. Always Platinum
  7. Feminine cleansing wipes

Whether you prefer a sanitary pad with wings or without wings, thick or thin napkins or day or overnight protection, there are several options of napkins to choose from to fit your shape and flow.

Due to differences in body shapes, sizes and the types of menstrual flow (i.e a heavy or light flow), the Always products have been designed to fit every condition perfectly. Ironically, 70% of women wear the wrong napkins and are therefore prone to error, Leaks and low level of confidence.

With knowledge comes power, knowing about these in their varieties will be of great help not just to the female folks but to the archive of knowledge. Here is a review of the various styles and types of Always sanitary pad:

Sanitary Pads With Wings 

  1. Always Infinity Size 3 Extra Heavy Flow Napkins with Wings, Unscented

Always Infinity sanitary pad are made using a lightweight, super-absorbent foam material that provides up to 100% leak-free protection called the Flexfoam. It absorbs about 10 times its own weight, yet you barely feel it. The wings provide outstanding security, keeping the napkin glued to your panties. 

  1. Always® Ultra-Thin, Size 3, Extra Long Super Napkins with Flexi-Wings

Always  Ultra-Thin, Size 3, Extra Long Super Napkins With Flexi-Wings gives you 45% better coverage where you need it most with a flexible design that moves with you, absorbing every seconds for hours to give you the protection you need. Its flexibility gives you this peace and confidence, since it guarantees a leak-free day.  

Daytime Napkins and Overnight Napkins

The daytime and night Always® Infinity pads are designed because our body positions and movements are different during the day and night.  These napkins, therefore, accommodate these differences due to their specificity. 

  1. Always Infinity Daytime napkins

    This always sanitary pad (Sizes 1–3) are designed to fit and feel comfortable under clothes, and these sizes provide more coverage in the front, where it is needed during the day, due to the day’s activities.

  2. Always Infinity Overnight napkins

    This always sanitary pad (Sizes 4–5) are designed to help you rest assured with a comfortable fit and provide more coverage in the back, where you need it most overnight.


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