Instagram Influencers: the Battle Between Dog and Man

Instagram Influencers

Instagram has grown to become the social medium with the highest user of over 800 Million users. The only surprising thing is the fact nobody would know that animals are part of these population. In fact, these dogs are not mere users, they are Instagram influencers.

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Instagram Influencers are Instagram users, who have established credibility and audience; who can persuade others by virtue of their trustworthiness and originality. Also, Instagram Influencers are individual who has the largest number of followers, who gets paid to use one’s organization’s hashtag to promote the brand. Hence, they are also called Brand Influencer.

It should not be surprising that the same way human beings grow their page with unique contents, good captions, giveaways, appealing contents, etc, these dogs also sacrifice a lot of time of time to his page which currently earns has them followers as huge as 8million. Jiff Pom the most influential dog on Instagram has about 8.9million followers.

Instagram Brand Influencers now no more refer to human beings alone but both human beings and animal that can combine the forces of Trends, User Engagement, Appealing Contents, etc effectively to attract and retain followers and also gain impressions that can be sold to a brand as the unique selling point.

The focal point is that if Dogs can become an influencer on Instagram, everyone can. It only depends on how you can play your cards right with unique and engaging contents. While many youths are wasting time scrolling pictures on Instagram, many others including dogs are making money for their owners.

The new development is Dog Influencers Agency. This is a vision to build more pet influencers on Instagram. Hence, individuals should wise up and make the most of the opportunities on the new media. Instagram is a cool source of wealth for many.

Social Media has done well to build the gap in the abilities of human beings and animal, although, we are all animals; we are only higher. Hence, Instagram as a tool has proven it further than the “lower” animals are not incapacitated to do what we- higher animals can do. If only we can take them through the same training we passed through during learning.


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