Curiosity: Why We Don’t Need Technology to Live on this Earth


Living these days is getting too principled. The comfort we thought technology offers us is comfortless. Our greener pasture century is getting dry we thought phone would enhance our lives by breaching the law of proximity, but our eyes are getting damaged by it rays, washing machine has been a savior for many house wives until a 3 minutes wash turns all the husband’s blue shirt into off-white. All these beautiful tragedies pamper our lives with sensational conundrum.


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The last decade has witness everyday birth of new technologies. Research has shown that the greatest growing innovation is in technology. In fact, Forbes have sum it up that technology is the greatest utility of creativity. The rate at which technology is growing with its resultant effect is getting unbearable for our biological lifestyle.

There is a conflict in the ecosystem. “Techno-sphere” and Atmosphere are at war. This is the main reason Nigeria would never cease clamoring for greener Nigeria. We lure the Chinese to plant their industry on our virgin soil, who not only deflowered our land, but pollute it, and rape it to dearth. The fart of their industry is transferred into our breathing space, its urine into our rivers and its faeces into our farmlands.

In the movie Geo-storm, Hollywood presents us with the threat that can be done to the planet earth by infusing a virus into the satellite to affect three elements of matter heat, pressure and water. In the movie, the results of this virus –Contingency Simulation, this would have about 2798 scenarios across the planet earth. This virus led to freezing everything in Brazil, striking lightning in USA, melting India, tsunami in Dubai, self-destruction of the satellite, among others. What an amazing thing technology is predicted to do in our world.

I can’t remember the last time I asked my dad for money physically. It’s done with either text messages or Whatsapp. The sociological atomization technology has caused is so much that six-day old marriages are breaking due to the break in the intimacy between couples. We are in the era of social media does it all and what we have now is Boys asking out a girl on Facebook, got engaged on Whatsapp, wedding on Skype and give birth on Instagram followership.

Seven “gbosa” for the way technology has restructured our family system. We are so technologically wise that our grandfather’s moonlight tales doesn’t make sense anymore. We don’t value our mother’s virtue anymore. We are so much engrossed into the media representation that all our ladies now believe they can learn everything it takes to have a happy marriage online, well-done ma.

I was at my brother’s place in Ibadan on holiday and as a penultimate student in college, she was advising me on marital issues. “Don’t marry any lady without inviting her over to your place and verify her culinary skills” she warned me. It then dawn on me that there are variety of ladies now who are following various chefs on Instagram learning how to boil eggs.

We can’t but appreciate where technology has made us today. The fulfillment of McLuhan’s global village which has made the world so much woven together that the ills of a society can be easily diffused into other societies. I have tried checking where ragged jeans, crop top, multiple body piercing, and other fashion fantasies emanates, I didn’t find any of African gods bringing any of these into existence.

The whole world is currently under threat due to these ballistic missiles- a product of technology. My class scholar in college once told me that America already has an atomic bomb that can destroy the whole of planet earth within hours. The only way of proving hegemony by the haves north is by acquiring various deadly technological appliances, all in the name of protection or counter hegemony. Technology, thank you for giving the whole wide world unrest.

Okay, we need technology.

My grandmother once told me how she had sleepless nights over her husband’s pilgrimage, when there was no phone. It is a culture among average Islamic families that the husband should first go on pilgrimage before the wife. Actually this is due to the financial capability of the family. Technology has played a very important role in giving peace to such families nowadays- even a single social medium has every feature that can sustain communication- WhatsApp (chats, voice calls, video calls, voice notes, statuses, image and video sharing, etc.).

Distant learning has come to stay, no doubt. Everyone regard National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN) to be the school for the old people when they initiated the system, but currently, almost all standardized universities in Nigeria have one or two courses run on distant learning. While on my six month internship in Lagos, I would be running three courses for second semester on distant learning from my college in Ilorin.  Technology also made this happen.

The internet is such a great resource for our generation. My first year in college was a very challenging one. One of my courses on library science compelled us to search for information from the college e-library. Knowledge of the use of the physical library is still not friendly enough, yet, the problem of the virtual library was added. At the end of the course, though the result wasn’t an A, but the knowledge acquired has made me a search query guru, I can now get any information I need just with some tapping on my smart phone. Who did it? Technology

Technology is indeed our generational savior, but the negativity is overwhelming. We have settled to fate as Nigerians- we can bear anything. We have endured fuel scarcity to the point that if fuel is not scarce, something is wrong. Hence, we chose to live with technology no matter what, moreover, what choice have we? Since, there’s no alternative coming up from our side. Technology, let’s have some coffee.


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